Inbound Marketing

With help from our team of inbound marketing experts, attract customers with relevant content and guide them to checkout.

In traditional marketing campaigns, companies use tools such as TV commercials, direct mail, print ads, etc. to communicate with consumers. These actions are also called ‘intrusive’ ads – users do not necessarily show interest in the subject but are nevertheless interrupted by this type of ad and interact with it, even if passively. 

With the advancement of technology and consumption of multiplatform content, this form of advertising has increasingly lost effectiveness. Call blockers allow users to ignore call centre calls. Spam filters automatically block bulk emails. Even in a traditional media like TV, advertisers have reported decreased efficiency. It is increasingly common for people to ignore advertisements in the intervals of their favourite programs when consuming content on their mobiles or tablets, or even to watch videos on paid streaming platforms without being interrupted by ads.

Inbound marketing is a group of actions that combines strategies focused on attracting and converting customers with relevant content. It caters to the companies’ need to better adapt to the buyer journey.

In inbound marketing, advertisers do not necessarily go after consumers, but produce interesting content using different communication channels, such as search engines, websites and social networks, to share it.

Communicating with the right audience

One of the inbound marketing pillars is content marketing, a strategy focused on creating and sharing relevant content with the target audience to attract the right audience for brands. 

In order to be relevant, it is important to align the content with the audience’s interests to achieve goals like generate incoming traffic, leads or purchases. 

Our team combines content creation with marketing automation and has a methodology based on four actions:

  • Attract visitor traffic
  • Convert visitors to leads
  • Turn leads into customers
  • Build customer loyalty so that they become the main promoters of your brand

All of these processes are carried out with integrated teams of experts in SEO, content production, business intelligence, user experience and CRM. They craft a plan based on all these marketing perspectives, analysing results to continuously improve the operation strategies and tactics in a virtuous loop.

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