Mixed Reality & Metaverse

Mixed Reality & Metaverse

We specialise in virtual and augmented reality to create innovative experiences.

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Mixed Reality 

We have specialised teams in virtual and augmented reality that, using cutting-edge technologies like Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3, create innovative experiences.

From realistic corporate training to virtual fitting rooms for the fashion industry, to virtual tours for the travel, architecture, and construction sectors, we are exploring new horizons in immersive technology, always striving to offer our clients the latest innovations.

Integrated Immersive Solutions in Mixed Reality & Metaverse

Visiting 3D Environments in Virtual Reality

Explore 3D virtual environments with full immersion, allowing you to realistically and engagingly visit remote or inaccessible locations.

Mixed and Virtual Reality Training

Enhance skills and knowledge through training that combines the real world with virtual elements, providing interactive simulations and personalised feedback.

Product Placement in Augmented Reality

Virtually integrate products into the physical environment, allowing consumers to visualise and interact with items in context before purchase, enhancing marketing and sales.

Try-on Products in Virtual Reality

Experience products in virtual and augmented reality: see how clothes, accessories, and furniture look in your real environment. An immersive and interactive experience for confident choices.

360º "Transportation" Experiences to Another Place

Travel to destinations around the world through immersive 360º experiences, providing a real sense of presence and discovery in remote locations.

In-App Virtual Reality Shopping with Augmented Reality Testing

Purchase products in virtual reality apps, where you can view them in real size and test them in your real environment through augmented reality, ensuring a more confident and satisfying shopping experience.

How can we assist your business with our Mixed Reality & Metaverse solutions?

Accident Risks

Reduce the occurrence of accidents through virtual training that simulates dangerous situations safely.

Collaboration Challenges

Facilitate communication and collaboration in distributed teams by creating a unified virtual environment for meetings and projects.

Remote Customisation

Customise products remotely with augmented reality. Instantly swap colours and sizes for a personalised and convenient online shopping experience.

With a highly skilled and passionate multidisciplinary team dedicated to innovation, we are ready to collaborate with you in creating customised solutions. 

From conception to implementation, we are committed to taking your goals further, ensuring that each solution precisely meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Together, we can turn ideas into reality and achieve extraordinary results.