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Data-driven solutions to support strategic decisions and maximise results

We offer comprehensive services, from Data Engineering to Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, empowering organisations to stand out in the market with data-driven decisions.

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With expertise in various areas such as Data Science, Marketing Intelligence, and Outsourcing, our goal is to drive operational efficiency and innovation, ensuring that our clients remain relevant and competitive.

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Strategic Decision-Making with Data Analytics

Data Analytics is essential for business management, providing insights for cost reduction, increased productivity, and profits. Our consultancy conducts detailed analyses, from data collection to the delivery of customised dashboards, ensuring ROI, tool agnosticism, and a deeper understanding of the business.

Advanced Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence consulting offers advanced solutions to develop accurate and personalised predictive models. Using machine learning algorithms and advanced data analysis, we help predict trends, identify opportunities, and mitigate risks. From data mining to the implementation of recommendation systems and automation, we are committed to driving efficiency and innovation in your company.

Smart Strategies with Data Science and AI

We operate with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), offering an advanced approach to data analysis and interpretation. With multidisciplinary experts, we create precise predictive models to maximise profits, reduce costs, and identify business opportunities. Our services include solution customisation and delivery of strategic dashboards to guide your decisions.

Excellence in Outsourcing: Data-Driven Management and Co-Development

Our Outsourcing approach goes beyond, applying advanced co-development and team management methods. Based on data, we offer personalised management, meticulous monitoring, detailed reporting, and benchmarking with other clients. This strategy ensures superior results and continuous optimisation.

Tool-Agnostic Expertise

Our Data approach is tool-agnostic, prioritising cost-effectiveness and the final outcome for our clients. We have specialised and certified professionals in leading cloud platforms (Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure), as well as expertise in Analytics tools such as Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, Looker, and Data Studio, and open-source languages like Python and R.

Data Strategies to Boost Your Marketing

Our Data Strategy service offers a comprehensive approach to drive growth and effectiveness in your business. We conduct vertical and multichannel marketing analyses, understand your target audience's behaviour, and conduct detailed business analyses to identify growth opportunities. Additionally, we provide advanced Business Intelligence solutions, training on analytics platforms, and develop customised dashboards to provide valuable insights and guide strategic decisions. With our data analysis expertise, we help your company achieve its goals with confidence and efficiency.

How can we assist your brand with our Data & Analytics services?

Digital Strategy

We create and implement an effective, comprehensive, and unique digital strategy to create and accelerate business opportunities. A complete view of the consumer journey to impact, engage, convert, and foster loyalty in the digital environment.

Data Lakehouse: Data Governance, Analysis, and Innovation

Our Data Lakehouse not only provides a secure and centralised repository for data but also ensures robust governance and compliance with LGPD. Additionally, our advanced data cleansing and qualification process, combined with batch and stream workloads, enable precise and real-time analytics. This not only drives operational efficiency but also paves the way for valuable insights and continuous innovation.

Lead Scoring: Precision and Efficiency

In response to the need to improve lead classification accuracy and anticipate sales opportunities, we have implemented an artificial intelligence (AI) and data science-based solution. Using machine learning algorithms, we have developed a system capable of classifying leads as hot, warm, or cold with greater precision, as well as predicting the ideal conversion moment. This has allowed for more efficient resource allocation, reduced missed opportunities, and a more proactive and targeted sales strategy.

Audience and Persona

Study of the desired audience profile (based on client briefings and brand manifestos) versus current (based on data provided by the brand and available in business analytics) + design of final personas for digital brand performance.

Churn Prediction: Deep Insights

Our approach to Churn Prediction goes beyond simple identification of customers at risk of leaving. Using refined and reliable data, we delve deep into the behaviour patterns of B2B customers. With detailed and robust machine learning models, we not only predict churn with unprecedented accuracy but also anticipate the timing of exit and the reasons behind it. This enables proactive retention actions and re-engagement strategies, ensuring our clients stay one step ahead in managing their customer relationships.

Journey and Funnel

Education on sales funnel structure and development of model journeys for client businesses, indicating appropriate strategies and metrics for each stage.

Corporate and Departmental Assessment

Discovery & Assessment are crucial steps in guiding an organisation's data strategy. Through detailed analysis of existing infrastructure and applications in use, we can identify optimisation opportunities, security enhancements, operational efficiency improvements, and cost reductions. With our services, your company can make more informed decisions aligned with its business goals, ensuring a successful and sustainable data journey.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

CDP: Integrating data from various sources to create unified customer profiles. Empowering to understand, personalise interactions, and make strategic decisions. Advanced insights to optimise engagement and drive results.