Business & Strategy

Business & Strategy

We solve marketing, strategy and communications challenges with proprietary methodologies and multidisciplinary teams. Our consultants orchestrate the work with market insights, a holistic view of the opportunities and integration of solutions.

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Business & Strategy Solutions

Digital Strategy

We create multi-channel, multi-format digital strategies to engage customers and drive business results. From customer acquisition to retention, we create omnichannel experiences, delivering personalised results. We turn ideas into tangible results.

Market and Competition

We conduct competitor analysis to provide clarity to stakeholders about the brand's performance online. Our benchmark study identifies opportunities and challenges, enabling us to unlock and create strategic scenarios.

Digital Channels Audit & Strategy

We deliver comprehensive analyses of digital channels guided by best practices, brand objectives, and audience targeting. With our team of experts across multiple channels, we can provide insights and strategies specific to your needs and business objectives.

Business Transformation

We lead our clients through existing and new challenges. From discovery and research stages to optimising and expanding tech stack capabilities to training and development of the team, their processes and ultimately, the business culture. We apply methodologies that help us solve business problems by placing the consumer at the centre.

Consumer Journey and Funnel

We bring clarity and knowledge around our client’s sales funnel and create personalised journey experiences. Our recommendations include custom strategies and measuring specific KPIs for each stage of the process.

Audience and Persona

We analyse the desired profile of the audience based on the briefing and the brand’s manifesto and compare it with current data. Then, we design personas that will be the foundation of the marketing and strategy.

How do our Business & Strategy solutions help your business?

Integrated Strategic Planning

Aligning and integrating all digital initiatives, campaigns and investments, with your business objectives, driving efficiency in operations to maximise impact and growth.

Agility and Innovation

Quickly adapting to changes in the digital landscape and seizing new opportunities with speed and innovation at the centre of your business.

Integrated Communication

Promoting, integrating and driving communications and strategies quickly, assertively, and organically throughout the company.

Data-driven Decision Making

In addition to collecting, analysing, and interpreting large volumes of data for actionable insights and decision-making.

Cultural Transformation

A mentality and organisational culture shift to adapt to rapid digital and technological transformations.

Talent and Digital Competence

Developing a team with robust digital skills to implement effective digital strategies in collaboration with partner companies (such as Cadastra).

Integration of Marketing Technologies

Managing and integrating various marketing platforms and solutions to optimise tech investments and maximise return on investment.

Multichannel Content Strategy

Developing and executing content strategies that engage and convert customers across all relevant digital channels.