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Tailored communication strategies fueled by first-party data

Achieve omnichannel CRM capabilities and optimise outcomes, ensuring increased conversions and engagement across the entire user journey

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CRM Platform Implementation

We specialise in deploying all modules of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Our services encompass technical setup, integrations, channel configuration, IP warming, and tool onboarding.

CRM Consulting

We perform an in-depth assessment of CRM digital maturity, examining all aspects to achieve a holistic view of the domain. We identify pain points, gather insights, and devise action plans to facilitate rapid and tailored CRM expansion.

360-Degree Management

We oversee all aspects of CRM operations, from initial implementation to generating reports and analyses for campaign and automation enhancement. Our approach is comprehensive, crafting strategies that align with your business objectives.

Data Cloud Implementation and Support

We customise the platform to fit the unique data landscape of each business. Our services encompass integration and modelling processes to establish a unified user profile, enabling highly segmented and real-time channel activation.

Sales and Service Cloud Implementation and Management

We offer comprehensive configuration services for sales and service clouds, including funnel optimisation to provide a 360-degree view of historical data, qualification processes, and report creation.

Marketing Cloud Personalisation Implementation and Management

We configure the tool to deliver real-time experiences to your consumers. Our services include structuring the platform to create personalised zones on your website, ensuring a completely unique interaction for each user.

Technical Support and Expertise in CRM

Our team of specialists collaborates with your internal CRM team to address high-complexity demands. We unlock the full potential of your CRM by enhancing platform utilisation and providing support with tasks that demand technical, strategic, and analytical expertise.

How can we assist your business in leveraging CRM?

  • Performance and Results: we strategically operate to elevate CRM as a performance-driven channel, significantly contributing to conversions.

  • Data-Driven Strategy: by harnessing a vast volume of data, we structure and connect data to craft a cohesive strategy and optimise results.

  • Channel Integration: we coordinate and integrate multichannel journeys (email, SMS, WhatsApp, and push) to deliver a seamless experience across all touchpoints.

  • Personalisation and Clustering: our campaigns are meticulously tailored and personalised for diverse audience segments, enhancing the effectiveness and engagement of communications.

  • Customer Journey Vision: we create a unified view of the user across various brand touchpoints, targeting the right moment in the journey to conversion.

  • Digital Maturity Evolution: we drive digital maturity through an omnichannel, integrated operation and personalised experiences for users at every stage of the journey.