Influence & Content Marketing

Influence & Content Marketing

We help promote your brand, products, or services by creating relevant, personalised, and powerful digital content through authentic engagement and conversion strategies.

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Content Operation & Production

We offer a complete range of services that cover everything from website, blog, and landing page review to content structuring, planning, and production for online platforms. This includes creating diverse audiovisual content such as podcasts, videos, animations, audio, and photography, along with detailed result analysis for continuous optimisation.

Content Consulting

We guide our clients on how to build their content according to the best practices used by our team. We align content production with the business's strategic objectives and define the guidelines for the brand in this area. In the consulting process, we conduct evaluations, analyses, and reports that indicate new opportunities.

Event Coverage

We provide event coverage for content generation on digital channels. We contribute to defining the structure, budget, and production of these materials. We tailor our proposal to the desired outcome, which can include photo or video content, interviews, or behind-the-scenes footage.

Social Media Marketing

We manage social media comprehensively with a 360-degree approach. This includes content planning and creation (text and creative), engaging with the brand's followers, monitoring social data, and providing personalised performance reports. Everything is aligned with the business objectives and adapted to the nuances of each platform.

Social Monitor

We monitor and analyse interactions on the brand's social media channels. This work, carried out with adaptable tools, delivers relevant insights for the business supported by mapped metrics. We amplify conversations that yield results.

Social ID

Based on the brand's positioning, we define how it should present itself on social media. We develop verbal and visual guidelines, as well as define how the brand should interact with its community and which themes should be addressed in the content.

Influencer Marketing

We design influencer marketing strategies that include a tailored curation of influencer profiles for your brand. We plan creative actions connected to your objectives, manage the budget for these projects, and ensure execution with selected partners.

Social Networks Consulting

We act as a strategic partner to the client, bringing our consulting perspective to their social media presence. Through evaluations, studies, reports, and analyses, we identify opportunities for improvement in operations. We maintain constant contact through weekly or monthly meetings where alignments and results presentations are conducted.

How can we assist your brand with our Influence & Content Marketing services?

Analysis of brand interactions and results on social media

We investigate interactions, results, and all possible metrics to understand your brand's communication performance. Based on the diagnosis, we adjust digital strategies, thus ensuring effective and powerful engagement with your consumers.

Event coverage, presentations, live streams, and institutional videos

Through live broadcasts and visually appealing, dynamic videos, we help engage your followers, promoting real-time interaction, conveying messages with your brand's values and objectives, and generating greater visibility and credibility in the digital environment.

Content that generates engagement and connection with consumers

We help strengthen the relationship with consumers and the brand presence on social media through experiences, digital activations, and meaningful content that establishes a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Integration and management of brand communication across all digital channels

To ensure a consistent experience aligned with your company's values, we strategically integrate and coordinate all digital communication or action, regardless of the channels. This way, we expand the brand's reach, strengthen its identity, and generate even more engagement with the audience.

Creation of relevant content for consumers across various touchpoints

To meet consumers' needs and further strengthen the brand relationship, it is essential to create relevant content across various channels. At Cadastra, we develop personalised and strategic materials for each communication channel, generating engagement, and loyalty, and adding value to the customer experience.