Meta Platforms

Meta Platforms - segmentation and enhanced personalisation

Meta's solutions enable reaching highly segmented audiences on the world's major social networks.

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Consumer focus behind the user

As an authentic Next-Generation business, we focus on our clients' consumers, creating strategies and technological solutions to impact them on social media.

Global reach

Combined, Meta's social networks (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) have 3.9 billion unique users per month.

Accurate metrics

The platform provides access to detailed metrics that allow for evaluating campaign performance on each social network.

Audience Network

In addition to Meta's own networks, it's possible to direct ads to other platforms, websites, and partner apps.

We are certified partners of Meta, confirming our expertise in creating more efficient campaigns on their platforms.

Present and future with AI

Meta has been heavily investing in artificial intelligence for marketing planning and measurement features, two areas where we stand out in the market for our strategic and operational excellence.