Design & Creativity

Design & Creativity

We create and transform ideas into visually stunning solutions, quickly and efficiently. Innovative ideas that captivate the audience, create deep connections, and contribute to achieving exponential results.

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Visual ID Development

We create and execute conceptual key visuals for products, promotions, and brands across various market segments. Our professionals are experienced and accustomed to working with major brands, possess a strategic outlook, and execution agility, and are certified in the leading software for digital graphic design and creation.

Campaign Development

We create and adapt online, offline, OOH, and 360-degree communication campaigns based on data and always focused on achieving the best results. Our involvement ranges from the planning stage, through defining the creative path, to execution and operation.

Interface Design

We plan, develop, and implement websites, applications, and all kinds of digital interfaces that can interact with your consumers. Our professionals have the technical and aesthetic knowledge to build functional tools centred on the best user experience (UX), facilitating usability and generating better results.

Rich Content

We specialise in the development of HTML ads and content with advanced audio and video features that stimulate user interaction. In addition to creating and broadcasting the pieces, we also analyse user behaviour and experience through them, extracting fundamental data to increase your brand's viewing and conversion rates.

Photo & Audiovisual Production

We have a complete team responsible for capturing, editing, and finalising videos and photographs. They are professionals trained to shoot commercials, videos for social media, internal communication videos, video cases, and all types of audiovisual production. An experienced team of motion designers is also available to perform animation, assembly, and finalisation work.


Our creative team is also trained to create 3D images, infographics, vector icons, logos, and everything else related to digital illustration, contributing to a better interpretation, visualisation, and representation of ideas and campaigns.

Market, Behaviour, and Comms Analysis

We conduct an in-depth analysis of the market in which the client operates, how consumers have been behaving, and how competing brands are positioning themselves. Our specialist team is trained to identify trends, opportunities, and threats within the brand's context.

How can we assist your brand with our Design & Creativity services?

Global communication deployment for various touchpoints

We adapt and scale your brand's communication through a strategic, personalised approach, leveraging automation. This ensures message consistency, and higher engagement, and, of course, maximises campaign results.

Market analysis and communication for your brand and competitors

With our monitoring, your brand is always keeping up with market movements. We can ride the current trends and also anticipate upcoming ones. Achieve a strategic and up-to-date market positioning.

Creative deliveries with greater agility and scalability

We build scalable processes and strategies that guarantee consistent and effective creative deliveries as demands increase. Our creative team easily adapts to variable workloads, maintaining the quality and originality of deliveries without compromising innovation and creativity.

Demand peaks requiring a team of qualified professionals

To avoid overburdening your internal teams and compromising work quality, we have a broad, experienced, talented, and agile team always ready to maintain standards and efficiency in delivering your projects.

Professional audiovisual content production

Audiovisual content production is a powerful tool to emotionally and engagingly connect brands with their audience. At Cadastra, we have an in-house production team to help convey complex messages in a simple, memorable, and visually impactful manner.