Salesforce – the world's most widely used CRM platform

The company is a pioneer in CRM, especially in the development of systems with cloud computing technology.

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Empowering businesses of all sizes

Since Salesforce's foundation in 1999, more than 150,000 companies of all sizes have adopted its relationship management solutions.

Data integration

The platform centralises all information and updates data in real-time across all devices connected to it.


Expansion occurs as the company grows, with simplified upgrades for the incorporation of new features and users.


Thanks to the recording of all customer interactions, managers have greater control over the sales department's performance.

By extracting the full capacity and potential of the platform, our team optimises every step of the CRM process and strategy.

The solution to boost business

Automating recurring tasks in CRM operations frees up the team to track leads more effectively, including sharing data and insights with sales, marketing, and customer service departments.