We have a performance-focused mindset to generate impactful results.

We apply the most advanced knowledge to the day-to-day operations of companies

It's not just about technology - it's also about nurturing creativity, employing proprietary methodologies, fostering partnerships, envisioning the future, and, above all, prioritising our people - a dedicated team committed to the success of our clients while remaining true to our values.

We are pioneers

Change is inherent in our DNA, propelling us to anticipate trends and recognise that the future is now. We embrace the exploration of new paths, foster a creative and inquisitive mindset, and continually push boundaries as an authentic next-generation company.

We are agents of transformation

Every day, we forge new realities for ourselves and our clients. We lead digital transformations in major enterprises, including our own—cultivating talent, fostering a culture of continuous learning, adapting, and reinventing ourselves.

We are partners

We provide strategic and operational support to clients throughout their journey, acting as a digital agency, consultancy, and IT service provider. We rely on each other, we are committed, transparent, diverse, and inclusive.

Cadastra in numbers


In over two decades, we've evolved from a local agency to a global player.


Present in the Great Place to Work ranking of the best companies to work for.


Leadership positions in the company are held by women.


Of the team are individuals who are part of the LGBTQIAPN+ community.

The Cadastra journey

Efficiency based on knowledge and proprietary agile methodologies

Born as a performance agency, our DNA includes a culture of generating sales and revenue growth, cost reduction, and business management. We measure, analyse, and continuously improve.

Impact across diverse fields with problem-solving and value creation

Thanks to our expertise in technology, data, strategy, and marketing, we've achieved growth of up to 50% in the revenue of both digital and physical channels for a typical new client.

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