Vtex - SaaS e-commerce platform

B2C, B2B, marketplace, and omnichannel operations integrated into one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the market.

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Success stories

Vtex is responsible for stores that have become major success stories in the online market, such as Nokia, Whirlpool, Sony, L’Oréal, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, C&A, Nestlé, and Ambev.

Integrated systems

The system allows connecting physical stores to e-commerce data to enhance the user's shopping experience.


The platform enables the creation of contextual experiences across all online sales channels, from clustering to layout.

Unified OMS

A solution that enables real-time checking of all orders, generating savings with sales channels and logistics.

We handle the implementation of the platform for both those starting from scratch and those looking to migrate/optimise their e-commerce.

The store is always ready for business

Vtex provides all the necessary infrastructure for the retailer to register products, integrate payment methods, and calculate shipping, among other operations. Focus solely on online sales.