Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We help your company gain valuable insights, adopt best practices in the use of platforms and achieve consistent results with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

One of the leading omnichannel marketing platforms in the market, Salesforce’s solutions allow B2B or B2C companies to create and manage marketing campaigns focused on offering their consumers the best possible experience.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud features sophisticated tools and resources that add data from different sources and devices. This allows you to know your consumer more deeply to personalise campaigns intelligently, whether through email, mobile devices, social media or the web.

With this platform, you can automate marketing activities to effectively reach customers with messages that are relevant to them. Salesforce provides a range of tools to help personalise marketing campaigns on a wide scale.

More tools and better results

  • Journey Builder: Create personalised goals and journeys for each audience type in all channels and departments.
  • Email Studio: Allows for the optimisation and monitoring of campaigns, together with personalised account management.
  • Audience Studio: Adds data from different sources within a unified DMP (data management platform).
  • Mobile Studio: Allows for mobile-focused interactions, such as SMP, push notifications and chats within a single platform.
  • Social Studio: Gives marketing professionals the knowledge of what consumers are saying about their brand and allows for interaction through social media.
  • Advertising Studio: Creates individualised journeys using CRM data to acquire and re-engage your consumers.
  • Datorama: Connects all of your data sources, allowing for an overview of what happens in your department while creating personalised dashboards in real time.
  • Interaction Studio: Allows users to view the interactions of their consumers during each phase of the buyer’s journey, regardless of the channel.
  • Pardot: A platform designed for B2B marketing automation that aligns your sales and marketing team within a single platform.

Our team of specialists is at your service

Our team of Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts combines qualified professionals who can implement, operate and explore all the resources the platform offers to benefit your business.

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