Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe offers a range of different solutions geared toward B2B or B2C advertisers with platforms that facilitate operation, analysis and decision making. Learn more about the main solutions and how we can help you choose the best tools for your business.

When companies use multiple technologies for different marketing features, they may fragment the information on their consumers, producing a sub-divided overview of them. As a result, consumers and clients feel the impact of mismatched content in the different communication channels.

Adobe Experience Cloud is a set of integrated tools that mitigates this lack of data unification, allowing companies to personalise, optimise and evaluate their digital results, seeking a relevant, real-time experience for their consumers.

Learn more about the solutions presented by Adobe:

  • Adobe Analytics: This tool allows users to add data from different channels and gain a holistic vision of the buyer’s journey, understanding whether the messages conveyed by your company are aligned with your consumers’ expectations and delivered via the best possible channel. The tool also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to present insights that can generate opportunities and answers to your questions.It is important for your business to know whether it is delivering the right experience to the right person in the right channel. This tool gives your company a complete overview of the customer. Not to mention the artificial intelligence and machine learning that can be used to generate opportunities and answers for your company.
  • Adobe Audience Manager: Use the data generated by your company’s systems, such as a CRM, or from any other data source to easily and assertively segment your public, making your campaigns more personalised.
  • Adobe Experience Manager: This tool allows you to adapt different types of image content to the device the consumer is using at that moment – whether a smartphone, desktop or tablet. The tool also allows you to store and manage creative content of all types and formats.
  • Adobe Campaign: Use this tool to establish personalised communication with your consumers, understanding their preferences and using different channels to strengthen the relationship.
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud: Tool focused on managing the operation and publication of content in a wide range of social media, unifying and automating all media. The platform also offers insights into certain metrics and best practices, such as the best time for publication or potential engagement with the publication.
  • Adobe Target: This tool allows you to conduct A/B and multi-variable tests to understand which content is relevant for each one of your audiences so you can offer your consumers the best possible experience tailored to their respective journeys.
  • Adobe Commerce Cloud: Retailers can use this e-commerce platform to personalise their consumers’ buying experience, whether their business is B2B, B2C or hybrid.

All of these tools are offered through an intuitive interface that allows users to synch up content, insights and data in different marketing channels.

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