Acoustic is a platform that offers your company marketing solutions, such as analyses, content management and personalisation, marketing automation, experience analysis, and consumer qualification to maximise loyalty.

Companies wanting to stand out in their respective markets should focus on creating personal connections with their customers, understanding their behaviour and devising ways to set themselves apart from the competition. It is then necessary to think about connecting data and using the technologies available in the market to overcome the challenges faced.

Previously known as IBM Watson Marketing, Acoustic was designed primarily to support marketing professionals by producing data that amplifies the understanding of what their audiences need.

The platform uses artificial intelligence technologies to generate analyses and insights that help improve brands’ decision-making process. Additionally, it has a range of solutions designed to deliver users a unique experience.

Learn more about the solutions Acoustic offers:

  • Acoustic Campaign (formerly Campaign Automation): Design more effective campaigns by adding data from different sources to create consistent campaigns, whether via email, the Web, mobile, text messaging or social media, among others.
  • Acoustic Experience Analytics (formerly Tealeaf): Understand the behaviour of your consumers with a tool that uses artificial intelligence to transform the user experience into a competitive advantage.
  • Acoustic Personalisation (formerly Real Time Personalisation): Personalise content to offer your consumers a unique experience based on how they interact with your brand.
  • Acoustic Lifecycle Pricing (formerly DemandTec Pricing): Efficiently coordinate and optimise prices on your digital and physical channels, with the goal to keep consumers loyal.
  • Acoustic Analytics (formerly Customer Experience Analytics): Make decisions based on the customer’s experience in your different communication channels, with clear information generated using artificial intelligence.
  • Acoustic Content (formerly Content Hub): Quickly and intuitively update marketing content using this CMS (content management system) platform.
  • Acoustic Exchange (formerly Universal Behaviour Exchange): Connect your marketing tools to better understand customers individually based on their behaviours in different channels.
  • Acoustic Lifecycle Promotion: Create promotions seamlessly by managing consumer demands to develop, predict, manage and automate offers, channels and promotional activities, while maximising the benefits for your company.

All of these tools use technology based on artificial intelligence and an intuitive interface that allows users to synch up content, insights and data in different marketing channels.

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