War Room

The “war room” or performance roundtable gathers together a team composed of members from different areas. It streamlines and optimises processes and workflows to achieve better results.

The Performance Roundtables (or Performance Rooms) emerged in the market to help companies make campaigns more efficient while reaching their targets faster.

Members of the advertiser’s team and their main digital providers meet in a single space to improve website optimisation, launch campaigns and develop creative initiatives with the goal to reduce barriers in the approval processes and increase the speed of projects.

It is worth emphasising that for a company to implement a Performance Roundtable model, it must have reached an advanced stage of digital maturity. Organisations with traditional marketing and communication structures must first undergo internal digital transformations before they can implement a Performance Room.

Agility and Optimised Results

Performance Rooms often include digital communication topics, such as MediaDigital AnalyticsBI (Business Intelligence)SEOCreationCRM, etc. To summarise, these are teams with advanced technical knowledge directly connected to the strategic operation of campaigns that can swiftly implement the guidelines from digital marketing planning.

The process of implementing a Performance Room begins with the definition of its goals. Here are some examples:

  • Implement/optimise digital performance operation
  • Improve workflows and perspectives on the entire buyer journey until conversion
  • Maximise ROI (Return On Investment) / ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)
  • Integrate channels and topics around marketing, e-commerce, sales, etc.

In addition to the brand’s clear business objectives, bringing together a team consisting of different areas streamlines workflows, promotes a culture marked by optimisation and breaks down bureaucratic processes, which creates a more efficient and productive dynamic.

Structure and Methodology

The result obtained from the roundtable depends entirely on its participants. This is why the room must be filled with professionals who have decision-making power. Otherwise, the room gets bogged down by bureaucracy, contradicting its very purpose, which is to focus on momentum and results.

Each project may have a different structure depending on its business goals. However, the rooms are generally formed as follows:



The work methodology of a room is quite similar to the optimisation workflow of campaigns focused on performance, the only addition being a game-changing characteristic: Speed.

The workflow entailing decision-making, solution implementation, result measurement and potential problem correction takes place in an agile and cyclical manner; decisions are backed by data – in real time if possible.




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As pioneers in the area of performance with nearly 20 years of market experience, we offer consulting services for the development of Performance Rooms/Roundtables. We can also assume either the full or partial operation of these rooms/roundtables.

Our work method combines high operational capacity in all areas of communication and digital marketing with a team of highly qualified experts, strategists and business analysts. Our dedicated professionals serve our clients on both strategic and operational layers.

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