Media Consulting

We are pioneers in digital media consulting services.

Focused on performance, programmatic advertising and social ads, the goal of the media consulting service is to boost the performance and results of companies that have or want to have in-house digital media teams working on performance-based media (lower funnel), consideration (middle funnel) and awareness (upper funnel).

Cadastra has its own unique media consulting process and method, collaborating with media professionals from advertisers and their partners (e.g. advertising agencies).

Our analyses identify opportunities and improvements for campaigns in Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads and Afiliados, among other media and formats. The Cadastra team can work either independently or with your company’s in-house teams.

The consulting work combines our team’s expertise with the best market practices for each channel and format. We run performance-driven technical and analytic observations to help each division achieve its goals.

It is worth mentioning that our team does not run campaigns as part of the media consulting services. Such operation is under the scope of the media purchase service.

Our media consulting expertise

Media consulting activities include:

  • Account Analysis

We conduct a general analysis of the account to identify which activities have produced the most and the least satisfactory results.


  • Account Structure

We recommend adjustments or suggest new structures to improve performance and help with daily upgrades.


  • Budget

We analyse the amount invested according to the campaign performance.


  • Keyword

To leverage opportunities, we review the terms added to the account, the ones that triggered campaigns and those blacklisted.


  • Ads and Add-ons

Based on best practices, we analyse creatives and review add-ons.


  • Setting Adjustments

We research the best performing cities/regions and times to adjust the bid.


  • Audience Review

We review the audiences used in RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads) and suggest new user segmentations for remarketing campaigns.


  • Targeting Review

We detect potential targets.


  • Smart Bidding and Machine Learning

We detect opportunities and structure tips to deploy Google Ads Smart Bidding.


  • Landing Page Review

We review URLs to identify whether users are being directed to the correct page.


  • Post-Targeting Analysis

After targeting, we check the results of the adjustments.

Two decades of expertise in media and performance

Over the last few decades, we have developed a method that combines great operational capacity in all communication and digital marketing areas with a team of executives who are strategy and business experts. We share our knowledge with marketing, e-commerce and other departments and help them revolutionise the way they work for a company-wide, results-oriented digital transformation.

With 20 years’ experience, we are one of the largest companies in digital media purchase in Latin America, planning and operating media purchases in the main formats and channels, such as Paid Search (Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bing Ads) and Social Ads (Facebook and Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads etc.). We also use dozens of national and global Display, Video, and Programmatic Advertising inventories, such as Oath, Uol, Criteo, Afiliados, Native Ads, and more.

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VP of Performance & Data Hub

Débora Sabidussi

Executive with +15 years of experience in Paid Search, Display, Video, Social Ads and Programmatics.