Media Conversion and Audit

We carry out media audits to analyse and validate indicators and results and investigate non-standard market performance or uncommon behaviour. Learn more about this exclusive service.

A media campaign includes a wide variety of processes, from strategic media planning through to buying spaces, tagging pieces and channels, operating campaigns, and finally measuring and analysing indicators that support optimisation. It is a complex operation that requires the technical knowledge of specialised professionals.

In digital marketing campaigns for large advertisers, multidisciplinary teams and partner companies are also involved, working together to follow the media plan. Each team carries out the processes within their expertise, but all are equally responsible for the successful results and budget compliance.

However, brand executives can sometimes face results that are far below expected when considering the investment. A thorough investigation process is then necessary to detect the inconsistencies and have them corrected.

How we work with media auditing

We have developed an audit process for campaigns and ad placements that combines our own methodology and detailed analyses of technology platforms that offer media services in the market. These include agency trading desks, trading desks, affiliates marketing platforms, price comparators and more.

We thoroughly explore generated indicators to understand media performances outside of market standards or find suspicious behaviours that are impairing campaign results. 

We are very experienced in performance-oriented digital media purchase, with a large number of certified Google Ads professionals who hold Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360 and Adobe Analytics certification. Our professionals are prepared to help your company resume the desired growth trajectory, and our media audit service can be the answer your company is looking for.

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