Business Intelligence

To understand better how user segmentation, behaviour and browsing on online platforms work, one needs to implement three essential techniques: data measurement, analysis and presentation.

In the information age, when it is possible to obtain a nearly infinite volume of data, making decisions based on guesswork is unrealistic and dangerous. Therefore, we count on the support of the most advanced technologies to develop special projects focused on transforming data into relevant information, identifying patterns, automating processes and integrating data sources to generate predictive analyses. 

Our data scientists ensure that data is tracked, stored, connected and interpreted before it can be used in strategic decisions to generate new insights on the market, brands, and their products and services.

Our expertise


It has become increasingly difficult for companies to analyse large volumes of data and cross-check information from different sources in real time. Our experts are prepared to decipher this enormous amount of information and thus add value to your business. The analyses focus on investigating trends and circumstances that could generate ideas and create positive results.



Through our BI (business intelligence) consulting service, we work to optimise data intelligence to generate insights and market intelligence and create a competitive advantage. Supported by leading technologies, we also carry out specific research and analyses for the brand’s business.


Process Automation

Through our own resources, market tools and ETL (extract, transform and load) processes, our team develops data collection, processing and load automation, ensuring information consistency and security.


Data Management

Unifying different data sources from online and offline contexts is one of the biggest challenges companies currently face. Using proprietary and market technologies, our team manages data storage and centralisation through a fast process that facilitates decision making.


Data Visualisation

Our professionals choose the most appropriate tools to create customised data visualisation, from static reports to interactive dashboards. In order to do that, we use the main tools available on the market, such as Tableau and Google Data Studio.


Compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

The new data protection legislation came into force in May 2018 and directly affects European and non-European companies that use online advertising services when websites and applications are accessed by European Union users. Therefore, we provide consulting services to audit data collected by companies, instructing them on the best market practices for customer data privacy.

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