Utilizing and maximizing established connections with consumers, we assist companies and brands in intensifying engagement that leads to conversion.

Special Attention to Customer Experience

We enhance the user experience by analyzing behavior and interactions with the brand on digital channels, as well as measuring all actions at various stages of the funnel.

Over 20 Years of Experience in CRM

First-party data is a valuable asset for companies and worth investing in. We activate and analyze all interactions with consumers at every online touchpoint with the brand.

Content, Metrics, and Social Media Influence

Social media is now the primary channel for interaction with the public. We manage brand presence in these spaces with content, trend monitoring, and monitoring the "temperature" of conversations.

Engagement Drives Lifetime Value

In the ENGAGE stage, we take care of what happens after conversion, strengthening and personalizing the relationship with the consumer. This allows us to increase the average ticket, time spent, and customer return rate while reducing the abandonment rate and monetizing the acquisition cost.

Retention that Generates Financial Value and Consideration

Maintaining a loyal customer base requires more than a good shopping experience. Investing in targeted communication, product and service tutorials, and a strong social media influence network are ways to keep the brand close to the consumer, ensuring their continuous return.

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