Reckitt Case Study: Amazon DSP

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February 29, 2024


Cadastra was working with its client, Reckitt Hygiene Commercial (Reckitt), on Amazon DSP management and strategy. It was difficult to efficiently scale performance and streamline workflows, so the team looked for ways to make the operation more efficient.

They specifically wanted to automate optimisation routines to improve performance, rather than wasting time handling it manually.

Ultimately, they were challenged with a new goal: to increase efficiency, specifically by increasing revenue and ROI.


In October, Cadastra integrated Reckitt’s DSP program onto Skai™ in hopes of automating campaign optimisations while improving performance.

Cadastra simply leveraged Skai’s™ Automated Actions, triggered changes to bids or budgets when certain conditions were met, and immediately started seeing both efficiency and performance gains. Cadastra activated Automated Actions across Reckitt’s 100+ line items per bid rules to automate bid changes across all DSP campaigns based on ROI conditions.


In addition to the efficiency that Cadastra achieved in terms of time savings, performance also improved across Reckitt’s campaigns. Reckitt saw a 70% increase in revenue and a 40% increase in ROI.

Performance was the most important goal for Cadastra, and with Skai’s™ Amazon DSP capabilities, they were able to maximise media impact through automation and optimisation across their client’s campaigns.

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