Social Media

Social networks have revolutionised the way consumers receive and provide information on products and services of interest. Communication between brands and customers is no longer a one-way street but has become more active and collaborative.

Social media marketing (SMM) is a powerful way to reach and build relationships with consumers and prospects. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram, among others, have loyal and qualified audiences that provide interaction with people and brands, as well as enhance lead and sales generation online and offline.

They also play a decisive role in building and understanding the consumption cycle and brand loyalty. Each complete buyer’s journey provides information that can inspire new strategies to influence the buyer’s journey of other consumers.

Brands should understand the purpose of each social network and, based on that, act according to their business objectives, such as awareness, lead generation, conversion etc. They also need to understand and adapt to the audience’s behaviour and be aware of ongoing changes in the networks, which can invariably impact results.

It is then essential to count on the support of professionals who have deep knowledge of each social network, its features and metrics, and are aware of the ongoing evolution of each platform.

Consumer-oriented marketing and relationship strategies

At Cadastra, we plan, manage and work with communication and relationship between brands and consumers on social networks with the support of the main technologies in the market, according to the business objectives and characteristics of each social platform.

We developed our strategy through three fronts, offering a complete service: content, relationship and social data monitoring.


Channel integration and focus on results

From branding to performance, social media marketing activities are integrated with other areas, channels and brand content. In order to better understand data and strategically guide our work, we cross-reference information from different areas, such as Planning, BI, Media, SEOCRMCreative Factory.

We also provide social network consulting services, working with the brand’s internal teams as curators and auditors of content, relationships and monitoring. The objective is to increase performance of social media operations and all demands related to the brand’s social networks.

Work methodology on social networks

Learn about some of the aspects that comprise our social media services:

Content, Relationship and Monitoring:

  • Management of brand positioning and presence on social networks
  • Planning and creation of strategic content
  • Audience relationship
  • Social data monitoring (brand performance and social listening)
  • Follow-up reports of results
  • Crisis management

Consulting Services:

  • In-company training
  • Studies applied to the brand’s needs on social networks: definition of strategies on the channels where it operates or wants to be, specific actions to advertise products/services, strategic directions, etc.
  • Monitoring results
  • Reports with a performance analysis of the brand’s social networks (weekly, biweekly, monthly etc.)

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