Programmatic Buying

Programmatic media aims at optimising results, time and investment of teams and professionals that plan, buy and work with digital media.

Programmatic media buying is the process that involves using different technologies (DSP – demand side platform, DMP – data management platform, among others) and data (first, second and third-party data) to improve delivery assertiveness in different inventories.

The main objective of this strategy is to make each ad impact the right person, at the right time and in an appropriate context. We are thus able to enhance media, and consequently business, results (KPIs).

Data as the media strategy’s core

In programmatic media, data is the core and fuel of every strategy. It feeds DSPs and supports other media, both the advertiser’s own data (email lists, phone numbers, NI numbers, website browsing – the so-called “first-party data”) and third-party data from data providers.

Among the main benefits of programmatic media are the greater possibility of ad customisation and greater ease in negotiating inventories and delivering targeted content according to each user’s preferences and needs.

Efficiency and transparency in the entire purchase process

Our media team plans, manages and works with all media purchases, and acts as consultants in the implementation of technologies as well as campaign strategy.

The team is made up of professionals from different teams (Media, CRM and BI) and departments, such as Communication, Engineering and IT. We thus have a complete view of data, targeting, communication and media, improving campaign performance.

We work with total transparency of values, providing visibility and absolute control of results for all stakeholders, in collaboration with the main martech (marketing technology) partners in the world, such as Google Marketing Platform, Adobe Experience Cloud and Tail, among others.

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VP of Performance & Data Hub

Débora Sabidussi

Executive with +15 years of experience in Paid Search, Display, Video, Social Ads and Programmatics.