CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation

Improve your website’s performance to get the best results from your traffic, which directly contributes to your brand’s growth.

Increasing the effectiveness of a website and its landing pages is one of the daily challenges of marketing and e-commerce teams. Continuous and scalable improvements are only possible through expertise and technology in CRO (conversion rate optimisation). 

The conversion rate is one of the main indicators to be tracked, and its growth is critical to increase sales or generate leads. However, many brands often get conversion results below expectations, even with qualified audiences or when defining relationship rules for established bases. This challenge is one of the most common pain points reported by advertisers. 

With the increase in business competitiveness, it is paramount that companies not only understand the quality of the daily traffic of visitors to their desktop and mobile sites, but also analyse how these users interact with the page.

Higher conversion equals lower acquisition cost

Conversion rate optimisation means, in practice, focusing efforts to transform website visitors into new customers or leads by improving user experience. These improvements are built through continuous hypothesis tests that, by showing certain navigation changes to only part of the website’s audience, refutes or confirms a hypothesis, depending on the performance and impact on the conversion rate. 

With CRO, the increase in results does not depend on more investment in acquisition channels, but on a better use of the current audiences, that is, optimising what is already happening in terms of user traffic. A well-applied CRO strategy should consequently impact and reduce CAC (customer acquisition cost).

Regardless of the goal established for your website – buying, user registration or clicking to download files – it is necessary to map website interaction to understand what these main points are and how they can be adapted to the best form of conversion.

Your website going beyond views

Our CRO consulting service is based on the technical skills of experts in areas such as UX, design and content, and technicians specialised in the market’s main software applications, such as Google Optimize.

With expertise in digital analytics, a brand’s website visits are mapped and recorded. We then try to identify the structures that comprise the page, such as texts, visual elements and information hierarchy, in an effort to diagnose the user experience in the environment. This type of action results in relevant information for a robust report on how the content is consumed and areas of potential improvement.

The conversion rate optimisation consulting service goes through the following steps:

  • Pre-implementation: In order to obtain a significant sample of website visits, our team tags the pages to be analysed and tracks data during the period established at the beginning of the project. The results are then analysed, generating insights for the page usability report.
  • Implementation: Based on this report, appropriate scenarios are created for A/B tests, which should last for at least 15 days. A/B tests are the most reliable way to assess the need and performance of any change to a page or website.
  • Post-implementation: Upon conclusion of the A/B tests, the layout/view option with the best results is selected. In this final step, the teams guide the brand on the necessary website and/or page changes to achieve the test results.


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