CRM / Email Marketing

Good service and relationships are essential for customers to hire a service or buy a product. More than ever, it is important to know your customers’ habits well, anticipate their needs, and present relevant products and/or services in their journeys.

CRM (customer relationship management) is focuses on integrating all customer touchpoints with the brand, providing an omnichannel experience for each individual.

It is totally focused on the consumer, combining a series of strategies and methodologies that organise the customised customer relationship process with the help of tools. CRM insights can target strategies to generate demand and win new customers, increasing sales and revenue.

Make strategic decisions and generate results with data analysis

Here at Cadastra, we use marketing cloud and database marketing to create relevant, assertive and personalised impacts based on each consumer’s profile and behaviour.

From the beginning of the journey to the buying decision, several paths are taken, from online media interaction to the experience in physical stores. During this journey, we collect and deal with a wealth of valuable data that results from this brand interaction.


Our team of data-driven marketing specialists uses large-scale data from different online and offline sources to deliver highly targeted and personalised messages.

We also offer consulting services and Marketing Cloud AdOps (software/technology operation), such as Salesforce Marketing CloudOracle Responsys Marketing Cloud e Marketo.

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In CRM consulting, create personalised campaigns with one-to-one communication on specific platforms through data management and automation strategies.

Our consultants’ work includes planning and onboarding CRM data, as well as monitoring KPIs and always-on CRM.


Special Projects

We develop special projects focused on implementing CRM/Marketing Cloud tools, data onboarding, integrations and warm-up strategies, and projects to increase your company’s results, working in CRM technology consulting and data management.

Technology – CRM Software/Tools/Platforms

In order to be successful at using a CRM software or platform, specialisation, an extremely qualified multidisciplinary team, training and certifications, and a lot of experience are required.

Our team is highly qualified, has expertise in licensing and commercialisation of leading national and international platforms, performs technical setups and CRM onboarding, creates relationship rules and data management campaigns, and provides consulting services in all stages of CRM and Marketing Cloud projects.

Work methodology

CRM projects are divided into three fronts:

Data Management

  • Standardising data
  • Basic hygiene and treatment
  • Collecting users’ behavioural data
  • Feeding the database with transactional data
  • Crossing data to create segmentations
  • Creating customer clusters

Campaign Strategy

  • Developing a warm-up and deliverability plan
  • Managing cloud marketing platforms to send CRM campaigns
  • Defining KPIs for each conversion funnel stage to be evaluated according to each campaign type
  • Creating and triggering broadcast campaigns: email, SMS and push notification
  • Creating and building multichannel relationship rules
  • Creating an action plan covering all stages of the buyer’s journey.

Results & Optimization

  • Developing automated and customised dashboards to track results
  • Creating seasonal reports
  • Controlling results by cluster
  • Constantly monitoring KPIs 
  • Periodically reviewing relationship rules
  • Analysing and suggesting new campaigns
  • A/B test analysis and optimisation suggestions
  • Monitoring the CRM project implementation schedule


We are proud to to offer certified CRM teams on the following platforms:

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Salesforce Heroku
  • Architecture Designer
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
  • Salesforce CDP Accredited Professional
  • Salesforce Heroku Developer
  • Accredited Professional
  • Salesforce Avanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Academy
  • Certificação em B2C Master Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • Certificação em IBM Watson Commerce – Technical e Sales Mastery


"“Comercial Gerdau is Gerdau’s network of distribution and stores. It is physically present in several regions of the country. In 2017, we started working with media and CRM in order to increase our digital relevance. The results we have had so far are encouraging: website access increased by 75%, incoming messages by 250%, and online quotes already represent an important percentage of total deliveries. We certainly have a lot of work ahead of us, but the results we have achieved so far are unquestionable.”"

Ricardo Gewehr Marketing Manager - Gerdau

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