Creative Factory

Technology and social media have expanded the touchpoints that a brand can offer consumers. As a result, the volume of content and offers that impact people on a daily basis has also grown. Achieving performance without giving up on design is imperative for companies to stand out in the market.

The creative field has been undergoing necessary transformations and adjustments to a new reality. Creative pieces need to be more than visually attractive; it also takes strategic knowledge combined with aesthetic sense.

Visual content needs to be adapted to different platforms, be interactive and attractive, pique consumer curiosity, and guide the consumer throughout the conversion funnel.

Therefore, now more than ever, the creative team needs to understand how each communication channel works so that they can design, experiment and innovate in the creation of pieces that delight consumers and are suitable for their context.

A team prepared to provide the best experience for your audience

Our Creative Factory goes far beyond creating pieces on a large scale, especially because before we start creating, we take communication into account. All material is designed based on the target audience so that the message is delivered in a timely manner and in the right format. 

We have a team in charge of developing concepts suitable for the digital environment, always respecting their characteristics and segmentations and the client’s brand guidelines. All with a single objective: to achieve better results.

In order to meet different demands, we provide different types of deliverables, including:

  • Brand planning and positioning
  • Campaign creation
  • Applications
  • Motion graphic video
  • HTML5 animations
  • Communication strategies
  • Landing pages
  • Websites
  • Media and social media pieces

Count on a partner like Cadastra to develop creative insights for any marketing strategy.



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