Content Marketing

Increasingly more brands need to offer relevant content to help meet users’ needs, regardless of the stage they are at in the buyer’s journey. At Cadastra, we offer a consulting and content creation service in line with this new scenario.

In the digital age, where many people have mass access to diverse content and a wider range of information, brands need to strategically position themselves vis-à-vis their competitors and find ways to communicate with their audience through good storytelling. 

Therefore, producing good content goes beyond good copywriting. It means coming up with creative and innovative solutions that engage users and are aligned with the buyer’s journey.

However, in order to be successful, a brand’s content initiatives need to attract consumers to their channels, which need to be prepared to convert them to new customers. The goal should be to engage the target audience by adding value for them through a positive brand awareness. The consequence is better results with the growth of your customer network.

Working with data-based content in an integrated way

In order to create good content, it is necessary to have a database provided by the client, analytics tools, market research or other sources of data. Our Content team works in partnership with the Social Media, SEO, BI and Planning departments so that essential information, which permeates the entire content plan of a company, is present in the development of all materials.

Above all, it is necessary to understand whom we are talking to. Therefore, our strategies include the following steps:

  • Scenario and audience analysis: This is an essential step to understand a brand’s target audience and the sector’s characteristics. In this step, we also study the competition.
  • Plan: Based on the collected information and the data analysed in tools, we draw up an action plan according to the client’s needs.
  • Production: We create the content in different formats, always keeping in mind what is important to each project.

All deliverables combine creativity and performance based on data. We use the available information in different tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword Planner, Linkdex and Moz, among others, to guide our strategies and enhance our clients’ results. 

Additionally, our team is comprised of professionals with different skills and experience, which helps us suggest different solutions for the projects we work on.

Our content solutions

Our content service portfolio includes different deliverables, such as:

  • Landing pages
  • Infographics
  • Blog management
  • Content about products and services
  • e-Books

We also provide technical services focused on SEO, such as snippet optimisation, website taxonomy, product name standardisation and other priority items of a project.

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