The New Agency Is Not An Agency

09/03/2020 | Notícia

The world has gone digital, not just advertising. Within this process, a new way of thinking about the relationship of a brand with its consumers has emerged.

Technologies, processes, tools and methodologies has become not the end, but the means to an increasingly relevant and successful customer experience.

However, just a few companies are managing to mature in this new ecosystem by combining knowledge in marketing and data with a cutting-edge technological arsenal. The digital transformation process must focus on the consumer experience, guided by the consumer’s journey – and in practice, it’s harder than it looks.

With 20 years of experience, we are a global company specialized in performance that blends digital marketing services, consulting and technology.

In practice, we operate from brand’s digital or performance agency, to other digital transformation consulting partners, in addition to implementing technology projects such as e-commerce and martech plataforms.

Our model is structured in 5 business units: Business & Strategy, Digital Operations, Technology, Solutions and Education. We serve clients in more than 20 countries, promoting the digital transformation of our clients from end to end.

We invite you to learn about our services and methodologies, browsing our website or scheduling a coffee with us.

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