Reckitt boosts customer loyalty in Brazil with a Programe e Poupe campaign

20/07/2023 | Notícia

Reckitt Benckiser manufactures health, hygiene and home products for consumers around the world. The company operates several brands, including Veja, Vanish, Lysol, Bom Ar, SBP and Finish.


Focus on customer loyalty

As an established multinational company, Reckitt recognizes that continued growth is critical to remaining competitive. In 2022, Reckitt worked with Amazon Ads and its local agency Cadastra to help grow its business on the Amazon site in Brazil. While acquiring new customers by attracting leads through top-of-the-funnel marketing is a common growth strategy, Reckitt has recognized the important role the existing customer base plays in its continued success. For their ad campaign, they chose to focus on the bottom of the funnel and increase loyalty through repeat purchases.


We are proud to participate in a project as big as this one. Being a reference in operations in an expanding market, such as retail media, is a source of great pride for our team, which seeks to make the most of data science to add quality performance to our clients’ actions. The synergy between the Reckitt and Cadastra teams, combined with the possibilities of a marketing technology tool as powerful as Amazon Ads, are the pillars that support this winning strategy, which brought record results to the campaigns.

Henrique Casagranda, Associate Partner and Media Director, Cadastra


Achieve subscriber growth

Programe e Poupe was fundamental to Reckitt’s campaign. Through this program, shoppers can schedule recurring deliveries of specific products and receive those shipments at either a 10% or 15% discount, depending on the number of recurring deliveries. By making it easy for customers to source the most used products, Programe e Poupe can help encourage loyalty in a way that benefits both the brand and shoppers.

Campaign used purchase intent and lifestyle audiences via Amazon DSP. In addition, we remarketed to buyers who had already purchased products from Reckitt. This allowed them to reach the most relevant audiences likely to be interested in Reckitt products and Program and Save. The advertisements featured their brands along with messages that explained the benefits of Programe e Poupe. To increase awareness and attract new customers, Reckitt also increased product visibility with sponsored ads.

During the campaign, Reckitt had a monthly increase of 346% in the number of Programe e Poupe customers for its brands.¹


The growing competition in all marketplaces has made winning over new customers an increasingly onerous task. In this sense, the Programe e Poupe campaigns were fundamental for us to develop a much more profitable operation. The campaign proved to be a significant source of revenue, achieving one of the highest returns on ad spend in our operation. In addition, converted customers had a higher average spending and purchase frequency than non-subscribing customers. Programe e Poupe will certainly continue to be one of the strategic pillars for our operation in the coming years.

André Canabrava, ECommerce and Media Performance Manager, Reckitt


¹ Data provided by the advertiser, Brazil, 2022


News originally published on the Amazon Ads website.

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