Premier Partner Awards 2022 winners announced

21/03/2023 | Notícia



Brand recognition

Adbid Latinoamérica (Colombia)

Noted for driving brand recognition and sustainable growth in an ever-changing world.


Lead Generation

Raccoon.Monks (Brasil)

Recognized for working in partnership with clients to generate high quality leads on a large scale.


Online sales

Leadaki (Argentina)

Recognized for generating online sales at the moments when shoppers are choosing and discovering brands and products.


Growth in apps (Brasil)

Recognized for expertise and innovation in app campaigns that have helped companies grow, as well as win and retain new customers.


International growth (Brasil)

Recognized for helping its clients reach new markets and generate sustainable international growth.


Workplace excellence

Cadastra (Brasil)

Recognized for cultivating inclusive business principles that benefit talent and improve the work environment.


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