Do you believe that you are exploring the full potential of your digital channels to sell more and better?

28/03/2023 | Notícia

To turn this reflection into practice, we invite you to get to know Open Performance, a model of digital team management created by Cadastra, which seeks to apply a culture of exponential results beyond marketing.

Our model is based on 4 axes that unfold into more than 20 essential themes that establish the most powerful environment possible for your growth.

We launched Open Performance at a private event with clients, partners, and friends on February 9th in São Paulo. We presented our model and showed through case studies how to increase sales in the digital realm. We had the participation of our client, Sam’s Club, to discuss their experience and results achieved in their digital channels, as well as an overview of challenges and opportunities for 2023.

Click here to access the Open Performance whitepaper.


Aiming to make the model accessible, we started distributing the whitepaper exclusively through the Brazilian outlet Brazil Journal, and you can check out the material at this link [content in portuguese].

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