Cadastra is Google’s Agency of the Year

Google awarded Cadastra as Agency of the Year 2018. This recognition is a result of our performance in the Smart Challenge, a competition that encourages the use of Automation and AI to drive results of digital campaigns.

Based 100% on practical results, Google has awarded the fastest-growing agency in Search and Display automation product adoption.

"We are delighted to be recognized by Google, for many reasons, including being the most important channel for the majority of worldwide companies' digital operations. To be part of the Smart Challenge was fundamental to us, we competed with all the main agencies, and this proves that we are working on the right path to providing excellent results to our customers and partners," explains Thiago Bacchin, CEO of Cadastra.

The award was presented by Marco Bebiano, Google Industry Relations Director, and by Gleidys Salvanha, Google Sector Leader Director, at a ceremony attended by advertisers and agencies.


The Smart Challenge competition

The competition was divided into two phases and the Smart Challenge program ran from June to December 2018, with the participation of around 80 advertisers and 30 large group's advertising agencies as well as the largest digital agencies in three categories:

1) Smart Bidding: automation in intelligent bidding and data-based allocation. This took place in the third quarter of 2018.

2) Smart Display Campaign: this took place in the 4th quarter of 2018.

3) Agency of the Year: in this category, they awarded the fastest-growing agency for the adoption of Search and Display automation products.

Media Innovation with the use of Machine Learning
The contest encouraged agencies and brands to use data to be more assertive in their campaigns, as well as gaining more efficiency. Google Ads' machine learning capabilities helped, for example, to automate bidding by keywords, which leads to greater assertiveness and better use of the campaign's budget. Besides, automation capabilities allowed both agency and advertiser to save time and be able to focus more on business strategies.

"Being part of the program was important because it encouraged us to further accelerate our adoption of tools based on machine learning and artificial intelligence into our daily lives," adds Bacchin

Our entire Media team involved in the program then made use of Machine Learning and AI in their processes. This kind of innovation reinforces our commitment to always be up to date with trends and always put performance in first place.

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