SmartXML is a product feed management and optimisation software (XML) designed to facilitate and ensure control and exposure in different digital performance media channels.

Retailers and companies with a large number of products (SKUs) know how much work it takes to optimise data from the entire portfolio in real time and create advertisements in different media, such as Google Ads, dynamic advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, marketplaces (Mercado Livre, Amazon, Ebay, and OLX, among others), price comparison engines (Buscapé e Zoom) and remarketing websites (RTB, Criteo).

Generally speaking, these media platforms need to receive XML files containing data on the products in “feed” format, given that each one has its own unique characteristics.

This task can be even more complex and challenging when you add a crucial ingredient for the success and sustainability of any campaign: the personalisation and adjustment of the offer to the target public.

SmartXML is a product (SKU) management software for digital media platforms based on XML feeds. It was designed to mitigate the large revenue losses from campaigns dependent on improvements and the optimisation of feeds from their clients.

Fast and practical optimisation and personalisation of feeds


SmartXML is a tool that assists e-commerce, media and commercial teams during tasks focused on changing and personalising products and feed structures, regardless of whether these are one-time or mass tasks. This helps optimise the feed based on the media into which it will be exported.

By using this platform, teams that work with the delivery of multiple feeds to different media gain in both performance and productivity, since SmartXML standardises the data of each feed. This adjusts it to the specific characteristics of each media, such as the segmentation and regularisation of fields, as well as any adjustments and all details involved with the creation of a campaign.

More tools and better results 


Smart XML allows users to create rules that filter, modify and optimise the product portfolio, applying prices, titles and unique descriptions based on the need of each channel and format. Furthermore, you can manage and optimise your feeds/XMLs automatically for different media channels, editing the fields of all SKUs and products based on each partner’s performance. 

You can also make changes to adjust to the feed/XML standards of engines such as Google Shopping, BuscaPé and Criteo, eliminating technical conflicts and errors, and improving visibility. You will also gain assertiveness in your investments while saving your digital marketing and e-commerce team precious time.

Monitor your updates on a single dashboard


Monitor the products being developed in each channel, together with the inclusion/entry of new products in the portfolio and quantity of SKUs in shortage. Smart XML allows you to monitor the entire history of these updates.

Use this Cadastra software to improve the indexing and visibility of the product portfolio by correcting pre-existing fields and creating new ones.


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