Oracle Marketing Cloud

This set of integrated tools simplifies the way companies deal with technology, allowing their marketing team to work with Cadastra to transform their users’ experience, attract ideal customers and generate earnings.

According to Forester, Oracle is one of the main players in the marketing automation platform scenario. Its platform, Oracle Marketing Cloud, was designed to be assertive, data-driven, adaptive, intelligent and open, allowing for the connection with more than 400 applications and data sources.

With a simple, intuitive and sophisticated interface, the tools reduce the complexity of the digital ecosystem for users, shifting the focus to their users’ experience and promoting increased conversion.

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More tools and better results

The platform contains products that allow companies and marketing professionals to optimise the involvement of their audiences, exposing their customers to relevant messages in real time.

  • Oracle Eloqua: Equips marketing professionals with a lead management and personalised marketing campaign tool in different channels, including email, display, search, Web, video and mobile.
  • Oracle Responsys: Supports the creation of powerful cross-channel campaigns to ensure that your brand can maintain constant communication through communication rules with prospects and customers, making your contact base as profitable as possible.
  • Oracle BlueKai: Allows for the personalisation of online, offline and mobile campaigns based on this data management platform.
  • Oracle Maxymiser: Supports decision-making based on data that allows users to conduct A/B or multi-variable tests during their campaigns.
  • Oracle Infinity: Allows users to collect, process and deliver intelligence on their consumers at scale through this digital analysis platform.

Our team of specialists is at your service

We have a team specialised in the Oracle Marketing Cloud platform and professionals certified in Oracle Responsys through Oracle University – Marketing Cloud Education. They have obtained the B2C Master certification, making us one of the most qualified companies to implement and launch CRM campaigns for your company. 

Through this powerful tool, we are able to orchestrate audiences through the Audience Designer program. Additionally, it is possible to create detailed segments using consumer preference, demographic data and behavioural data.

It doesn’t matter whether you are already a platform user or if you are seeking to implement it. We advise marketing teams to design and launch automated marketing campaigns and deliver the best results for your company.

Contact us to learn how we can transform your business!