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Mature companies are always looking to offer the most relevant content during the buyer’s journey. This is why they plan and implement marketing campaigns around this crucial objective.

Google Marketing Cloud is a platform that offers different integrated tools designed to facilitate the launch of more intelligent marketing plans quickly and efficiently, ensuring greater control over investments and a complete overview of audiences. Here is more information on its most advanced tools:

Display & Video 360

Display & Vídeo 360 is a Google programmatic buying platform that consolidates the DoubleClick Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Center features. It allows users to plan, administrate and measure campaigns for mobile and desktop, measure video performance, create and manage creative content, and organise and apply target audience data. It is made up of the following modules to help simplify the management system:

  • Campaigns: Allows users to manage digital campaigns on websites and mobile devices, including an efficient set of resources for publishing advertisements, and for segmenting, verifying and generating reports.
  • Target Audiences: This module is for analysing segmentations based on different data sources, whether client-owned or not, and for creating audiences based on campaign activities.
  • Creative Content: It is possible to create and manage image content for advertisements, including with audience segmentation.
  • Inventory: Gives users access to a wide inventory of websites, portals, blogs and apps.
  • Insights: Concentrates campaign metrics, with the possibility of generating reports that analyse campaign performance.

To summarise, you can gain access to selected inventories within a single platform, publish advertisements in different formats (display, video, native ads and audio) and complete all types of media purchases, such as: Open auction, guaranteed, direct and premium. With Display & Vídeo 360, users can segment and organise different groups with contextual and demographic data, as well as data associated with interests, purchase intents, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data. This helps them reach the right audience at the right time with the most relevant message.

Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360, formerly known as DoubleClick Search, is the Google tool for programmatic search campaign management that adds features in social media. The platform integrates natively and directly with the other Google Marketing Platform tools. It allows for the synchronisation with Google Ads (formerly Adwords) and Bing Ads accounts and has a range of added features, including facilitated data use, real-time optimisation and automation, and an attribution model beyond Google Ads.

The tool also has advanced optimisations, such as Smart Bidding (automatic bidding strategies that optimise conversions), used together with automated rules in all accounts and at the most granular level. Machine learning data allows users to analyse the signals of different channels (SEM, display, and social) and optimise transactions several times a day to achieve their click, CPA, ROAS goals. It also automates RLSA, both local and per device.

Main highlights:

  • Deduplicate SEM, social and display conversions (CM)
  • Cross-device remarketing for signed-in Google users
  • Real-time Floodlight conversion data
  • Optimisation with Google Machine Learning
  • Integrated reports
  • BigQuery connector (campaign data)
  • Data transfer (user data) for LTV calculations
  • Cross-channel attribution (up to five DDA models)
  • Generate audiences in Display using SEM and social clicks
  • DCM Floodlights

We have expertise in other Google Marketing Cloud tools, including Analytics 360, Data Studio, Optimize 360, Surveys 360 and Tag Manager 360.

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