Using data to drive performance and build personalised journeys and experiences

13/05/2021 | Article

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses on integrating all consumer touchpoints with a brand, to deliver an omnichannel experience for each individual. 

CRM is a truly customer-centric discipline, combining strategies and methodologies that, supported by platforms and data, organise and enable  personalisation of the customer relationship. More than just building lifetime relationships with customers, CRM strategies focus on making the user journey profitable, improving retention rates, generating insights through the data collected and boosting sales at the various stages.

Through marketing automation and customer relationship management platforms, it is possible to create relevant, assertive, and personalised communications based on each consumer’s profile and behaviour. And at all times, you are gathering a wealth of valuable data that will make all the difference to your strategy and results.


Email marketing best practices


Email Marketing is a key tool in the implementation of a CRM strategy, so it’s important to remember email marketing best practices.

1) Be aware of the consumer journey and adapt your communications to it:

Not all customers are at the same stage in the buying decision process, and the clear cut customer journey funnel isn’t the same as what happens in reality. The path to purchase often occurs in a non-linear way and can transit through more than one channel. Each  channel has a purpose, and there are several potential journeys that a consumer can take. Companies’ big challenge is to be present at all stages of the consumer journey, regardless of the channel, and deliver the best experience. To do so, it is essential to map out which email format best suits the moment:

  • Transactional emails: Communications sent according to user behaviour and already expected by the user as part of a transaction. Eg: order confirmation, registration confirmation, password reset, etc.
  • Broadcast: Regular campaigns sent to a segment to promote content, pages, or products. They are part of an  email marketing calendar. Eg: newsletter, campaign disclosure, product promotion.
  • Relationship campaigns: Relationship campaigns are composed of more than one communication stage, which impact the user according to their actions at pre-established moments. Eg: welcome, cart abandonment, navigation abandonment


2) Establish tracking metrics:

Being guided by data is the wisest way to make strategic decisions within any company. In CRM, this process is also important. Tracking basic engagement metrics is crucial. These are:

  • delivery rate
  • open rate
  • clicks
  • hard bounce
  • soft bounce
  • opt-out
  • spam


3) Find the right partner, with the help of a relationship platform, collecting data and analysing results becomes easier and more organised.

And most importantly, it provides the answers we need to guide our actions.

Salesforce is one of the market’s leading omnichannel marketing platforms. It provides solutions for B2B and B2C companies to create and manage marketing campaigns focused on delivering a top-level experience to their consumers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud contains sophisticated tools and features that aggregate data from multiple sources and devices to give you an in-depth understanding of your customers so you can intelligently personalise campaigns across email, mobile, social media, or the web.

You can manage all Marketing Cloud data through Contact Builder and have a 360 degree view of the user. You can create user groups (e.g., Buyers) and develop the data architecture to have all the information needed for that group, connecting different Data Extensions (the data sources). 

It is also possible to view the entire journey of a specific contact, their interactions, and behaviour history.

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