We are pioneers in SEO, with two decades of experience in website optimisation projects. We have developed a unique work methodology with different consulting and training options that can be customised according to your business’ needs and objectives.

Optimising the search experience and meeting consumer’s needs is a strategy that provides relevance to brands and sustainability to the campaign budget.

When it comes to content searches, it is always important to remember that being present on search engines does not ensure that your website or e-commerce will be shown on the first page.

You need to apply SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies that optimise your brand’s search results and make your company achieve a good online positioning, generating more leads, winning new customers and increasing sales.

  • SEO is more than meta tags, links, PageRank and content: SEO is a digital marketing channel.
  • The goal is always to deliver more than expected, taking into account the best ROI.
  • The user experience is always taken into account, from the moment they search to the moment their need is met.
  • SEO means search experience optimisation.
  • Best practices are created to optimise the search experience and meet the user’s needs between the search results page (SERP) and your website.

It is also worth remembering that, like other digital marketing fronts, SEO has become totally data driven. Tools such as Screaming Frog, Botify, Google Search Console, SEMRush and Google Analytics have thus become essential to develop projects and make decisions.

Vale lembrar também que, assim como as demais frentes do marketing digital, o SEO tornou-se totalmente orientado por dados. Com isso o uso de ferramentas como Screaming Frog, Botify, Google Search Console, SEMRush e Google Analytics passou a ser primordial para o desenvolvimento de um projeto e tomada de decisão.

Methodology and differentials

Over almost 20 years of experience, Cadastra has developed a unique work methodology. Committed to teaching companies what SEO is and how it works, our team is focused on understanding their results expectations and working based on them.

We continually invest in training and workshops to create an SEO culture in your company, developing engaged teams and faster results. We also understand and approach SEO considering different areas of work:

  • Technology: Optimising everything involving your website. Code, loading speed, meta tags, URL structure, forwarding, browsing architecture and other essential factors.
  • Content: Optimising and creating content according to the brand’s audience at all stages of the decision process. We identify the most important keywords and advise on the best way to create content that is focused on results and valuable for users.
  • Reputation: Through internal linking, references (external links), and engagement, we develop the domain’s reputation and authority, providing more keywords and a better rank for your website.
  • Experience: Analysing the user experience, we identify strategies that optimise the website’s usability and provide better results for consumers.


The SEO projects we develop here at Cadastra are complete and involve expertise in planning, management, tracking and training. We also provide special projects, which are developed according to your business purpose.

  • Medium to long-term SEO projects (min. 12 months).
  • One-off SEO projects, considering the company’s need (minimum duration: 2 to 4 months).
  • Special projects, such as platform migration/CMS (2 to 6 months).


"Working with the Cadastra team is a great pleasure. They efficiently provide solutions that simplify our daily lives. The team is extremely qualified and, just as importantly, likes what they do. We work together on two fronts, SEO and paid search, and I am very well assisted on both. Throughout our years of partnership, the service has always been provided with the same quality standard, so I recommend Cadastra without reserve."

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