Digital media can drastically change businesses, but it requires great technical expertise to be effective, and it needs to be based on data and integrated with the buyer's journey.

We are experiencing a global revolution in media consumption and investment, which is migrating from traditional to digital media. In most countries, the volume of digital media purchases already exceeds that of TV. It is more than a global trend. Companies should be prepared for the digital environment to lead the core communication and marketing strategy, with media as one of its main pillars. According to eMarketer, in 2019, investment in digital media would grow 17.6%, reaching US$333 billion. This means that, for the first time, digital media will account for more than 50% of all advertising investments. By 2023, this percentage will reach 60%. Differently from the traditional media purchase process, such as TV, radio and print, digital media purchases require great expertise and experience on platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, regardless of the conversion funnel format or step. Translating the buyer’s journey into a conversion funnel view, there are four basic consumer impact and communication steps, which are reflected in different strategies, channels and formats of digital media purchases: awareness (top funnel), consideration (middle funnel), conversion and retention (lower funnel). Cadastra is a pioneer in digital media strategy and operation, building digital campaigns for brands from all over the world since 2000. We train our professionals in all stages of the funnel, providing continuous training and access to the main partnership programs of the largest global media and technology players.  

A team of results-oriented experts

With two decades of experience, Cadastra was the first Brazilian search engine marketing agency. Today, we are one of the largest digital media purchase companies in Latin America. In 2018, more than R$200 million were invested. With a team of experts that plan and work with media purchases in the main formats and channels, such as paid search (Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bing Ads) and social ads (Facebook and Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads etc.), we use dozens of national and global display, video, and programmatic advertising inventories, such as Oath, Uol, Criteo, Afiliados, Native Ads and more, to optimise campaigns and boost results.  We are also constantly concerned with the specialisation of our media operation teams. Our teams are trained and certified by Google and other main channels, take complementary tests and exams, and are constantly learning and updating their knowledge. This entire process ensures we provide results above expectations for our customers.

Transparency in media operations

We are committed to total transparency in media purchases. We do not work with media channels and models that do not meet our philosophy. In this process, we use tools/software and brand safety practices.

Our media service formats

Cadastra also innovates in the digital media service formats, offering the following possibilities:  
  • As part of a complete digital marketing scope Traditional work model where media purchase is part of a complete digital marketing and performance strategy integrated with other channels and media, where Cadastra works from planning to operation with other teams, such as: CRM, BI, Digital Analytics, Creative, Social Media, B&S etc.
  • As a partner for performance-based advertising Google Ads and other performance-based media are extremely complex and dynamic. Many companies hire performance agencies only for this front, dismissing help in other digital channels and areas. In these cases, our media team directly interfaces with the brand’s teams, as in AdOps.
  • Digital media consulting services for in-house teams Our executives and experts team up with the brand's media experts and analysts to optimise media campaigns’ results. Including technical training or not, Cadastra is the only company in the market to offer media consulting services for new or mature teams for companies in all maturity stages.

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Thiago Bacchin

Fundador e CEO da Cadastra, é pioneiro em Search Marketing e Performance desde 1999.


Tomás Trojan

Lidera times e projetos de Performance para marcas globais como Vivo, Samsung e Salesforce desde 2005.