Performance Hub

Communication with data intelligence and consistent results

Performance marketing involves a range of disciplines that, when strategically combined and operated by highly skilled professionals, delivers consistent results that are aligned with the expectations in a plan.

At Cadastra you can count on a team of experts, strategists and consultants who work in partnership with clients to achieve the best performance results.

Explore our service and consulting offerings:

Business Intelligence

We transform data into market intelligence, turning decision-making into a daily practice based on data and insights.

Content Marketing

Content strategies that are key for your brand results, with creative and relevant solutions for the consumer journey.

Creative Factory

Creativity that performs, based on data and business insights, which are the guidelines of our creative department. Learn more.


From planning to onboarding consumer data to monitoring indicators, see how we devise a CRM strategy.


Use CRO techniques and transform visitors into clients, expanding your conversion performance of your website.

Digital Analytics

Being the foundation of the entire communication and performance framework, governance of Analytics platforms is a compulsory stage for digital businesses.

Inbound Marketing

Maximize results with content that is strategically aligned with the consumer journey and increase the number of customers loyal to your brand.

Programmatic Buying

Programmatic already corresponds to a sizeable portion of digital media buying. We are pioneers in operating and using transparent models.


We are pioneers and leaders in SEO, providing consulting services worldwide for almost 20 years using proprietary methodology and leading specialists in the market. 

Social Media

Transform your brand’s relationship with consumers by devising efficient social media strategies for your business.


One of Latin America’s largest media teams, certified on leading digital platforms and the benchmark in high-performance campaigns.