VTEX Cloud Commerce

VTEX Cloud Commerce is a complete, globally-recognised e-commerce platform. Industries and retailers that want to implement this technology need the expertise of strategic partners who can leverage the maximum potential of the tool.

With a presence in 16 countries and used by over 1,600 virtual store entrepreneurs, VTEX is a leading e-commerce technology company considered a pioneer in SaaS sales in Brazil.

The solutions are designed for virtual stores, regardless of the segment or the size, and focus on four main fronts:

  • B2C Commerce: Using a modern, API-first, cloud-based platform, the focus is on conversion and excellent customer experience, even under complex scenarios.
  • Omnichannel: For customers to buy, receive and return merchandise on multiple channels using an intelligent and integrated order management system.
  • B2B Commerce: The account is adapted to the company’s organisational structure.
  • Marketplace: To create an online marketplace, integrating VTEX sellers or stores with just one click yet millions of products.

More resources and better results

In all of these business subdivisions, companies can gain access to resources designed to boost the profitability of their e-commerce, including:

  • One-Click Buy: The VTEX platform has a native PCI certification, i.e. your consumer’s credit card information can be stored on the platform, which increases conversion in future purchases.
  • Smart Checkout: The entire purchase process takes place on a single page (one-page checkout) and the consumer does not to log in or enter their password. The less red tape, the greater the conversion.
  • Cloud Software: Platform updates take place for free throughout the day.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: On peak days, such as Black Friday, VTEX guarantees the platform’s stability and speed by using scalable infrastructure technology.
  • Integrated CMS: This allows for creation and modification of your content while managing the layout of your pages.

With all these benefits, the platform has become one of the Brazilian technology companies with the greatest visibility in the international market.

Our team of specialists is at your service

We are a VTEX Partner with extensive expertise in the implementation and structuring of the VTEX Cloud Commerce solution. For clients already using the platform, we also offer growth expertise (operation/maintenance management). In other words, not only do we help companies implement the platform, but we also update and manage it after launch.

We can work on different fronts to improve the conversion of your e-commerce:

  • Layout Development: Our team knows that design makes the first impression on the consumer and transmits the trust that will lead to conversion. This is why their focus is to create personalised layouts based on UX best practices. They immerse themselves to understand each detail of your brand, target audience and main competitors, build the navigation architecture and create the layout to implement the platform.
  • Content Development: The content of a virtual store is extremely relevant and crucial for conversion. We work with a team of experts who take care of content planning and production focused on SEO and performance. This work is aligned with the brand, whose team plays an active role in the process, contributing insights about the target audience.
  • Implementation: We work with a development team whose focus and expertise is in e-commerce implementation projects for the Vtex technology. They use best practices for SEO, page loading time, responsive design and platform module parametrisation to facilitate maintenance. This adds to scalability and ensures the efficient development of new features, together with the translation of UX, leaving a look and feel that is fully aligned with the new layout.
  • Approvals and Go Live: We have a project team focused on guaranteeing that the designed workflow occurs as planned, certifying that all forecasted use scenarios were implemented based on tests conducted on information layers, behaviour and store formatting.

How does our process work?

All services provided follow a process that includes these phases:

  • Scope Definition: Our work for each company is personalised, i.e. it is based on the needs of the company’s business model. For this reason, during this phase, which is the most important for us, we offer advice on how to develop the scope and phases of the project through immersions and workshops with the departments that will be directly involved in the project.
  • Planning: After defining the scope and deliverables, we create the project implementation plan, while defining the methodology, timeline and kickoff. During this phase, we engage the entire team involved with the project while clarifying the steps, tasks, main focus, communication flow, and roles and responsibilities of those involved in the project.
  • Implementation: In addition to monitoring each phase of the project implementation, we offer teams specialising in content definition and creation, UX and UI, and front- and back-end development, who will guarantee that all plans are implemented smoothly while considering all the specific features of the business model.
  • Tests: When delivering each project sprint, we obtain the necessary approvals and conduct tests to guarantee successful planning. During this phase, our team conducts performance and quality assurance tests and delivers all the necessary documentation during the course of the project.
  • Supported Go Live: We offer support during the go-live phase accompanied by production tests, and our team remains available during the warranty period. This team will ensure that the project goal was met by monitoring its performance.

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