UX – User Experience

A pleasant experience on your website will make the buyer conversion easier. We are the ideal partner to help you understand the target audience interaction process and transform your brand’s results.

UX (user experience) is not restricted to the way users interact with systems and digital media. It also includes using other devices, such as TV, smartphone, or even a household appliance – always focusing on user behaviour.

When it comes to brands or products, UX goes beyond design. It is directly related to all the stages of how the customer interacts with brands. At Cadastra, we map the stages of the target audience interaction process from the beginning of the user’s journey to checkout via digital media.

Our UX consulting service consists of analysing user behaviour on specific website pages, identifying improvement points for CRO, information architecture or usability, and conducting interviews and user tests. This allows us to understand the personas’ objectives and how we can connect them to a brand through a process of interaction design and content marketing.


Your product, service or interface developed with a focus on the user

To achieve a holistic view on the points of interaction between audience and brand, we work with specialised areas, such as SEO, BI, Technology, Development and Creation.

Analytical knowledge of user behaviour in systems complements the understanding of SERPs (search engine results pages) and the definition of existing KPIs (key performance indicators) to ensure a cohesive and effective interaction flow.

The working methodology in our UX projects consists of three steps:

  • Pre-implementation: Define or enhance the project’s KPIs and understand the users.
  • Implementation: Monitor and analyse the main points of interaction identified in the previous stage.
  • Post-implementation: Deliver a study with guidelines for improvement and optimisation opportunities to reduce customer friction during the buyer’s journey.

These steps allow you to improve your e-commerce or website browsing features, analyse customer behaviour, and study your brand’s conversion rates and source.

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Digital Operations Director

Victor Magalhães

Working with digital marketing since 2001, Victor has delivered many projects to clients of all industries.