O2O – Online to Offline

The O2O concept emerged to illustrate different processes that permeate the buyer’s journey when online and offline environments converge. For example, when a user buys a product or tries a service that integrates both environments.

The acronym O2O stands for Online to Offline or Offline to Online. However, O2O is more than an acronym. Its methodologies generate a complete experience for customers, facilitate payment and provide convenience and speed in the buying process. This is what happens with taxi applications, for example, when it is possible to request the service in an online environment and use it physically. 

This service offer is directly related to new consumer habits and to the buyer’s journey. Smartphones have already become essential accessories in the daily lives of Brits: 79% of adults in the UK own a smartphone. Internet access in the country is also on the rise, which means that companies that directly or indirectly work in the digital ecosystem have a vast ground to explore.

O2O’s influence on retail sales will only continue to grow.

Brands that plan on adopting O2O strategies in their business plans need to offer consumers a service that meets their demands and provides a pleasant experience overall. Additionally, it is essential to measure real impacts on the business, such as store visits, sales and CLV (customer lifetime value), in order to optimise them.

Data intelligence and omnichannel buying experience

The digital environment facilitates communication with consumers at every stage of the journey, such as when searching for a product or service. 

Combining technology and expertise, our specialists plan and develop O2O projects and campaigns through digital media and email marketing (CRM) strategies, besides offering other specific consulting services.

Our team also has experience with LIA (local inventory ads). This is an O2O format that Google Ads use to integrate and provide product stock in physical stores on Google Shopping, providing information when consumers search online and taking thousands of consumers to physical stores.

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