Google Analytics 360

Collect data generated by your business, understand how your audience behaves and transform this data into information that produces a competitive advantage and drives your company’s success.

In addition to providing additional insights about your customers, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that evaluates the results of websites, apps, and online and offline data.

The main goal of GA is to understand how an audience behaves while browsing through the different pages and sections of a website. Google offers two platforms with this feature, known as Google Analytics Standard and Google Analytics 360, previously known as Google Analytics Premium.

Google Analytics 360 is a paid version that, when compared to the standard version, includes added resources, tools and benefits. The coding for both tools is the same, but there are significant differences when it comes to the resources offered by each.

These features are designed to make data more accessible and integrated among Google platforms, offering a range of different tools focused on audience management. However, the Google Analytics 360 version offers extra advantages, including:

  • increased data processing limit
  • automatic integration with Google solutions
  • higher number of customised dimensions
  • reports without sampling
  • data collection
  • data and report updates
  • access to dedicated support specialists

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Measurement and analysis have proven to be some of the main challenges for many companies that have yet to explore the benefits that data-oriented marketing can offer a business.

We have highly specialised professionals who can help brands obtain reliable, accurate and consistent data, allowing for a better understanding of the target audience and the digital marketing KPIs.

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