Adobe Analytics

Your business’s success may be hidden beneath a mountain of data. Collecting this data as effectively as possible and transforming it into information becomes increasingly crucial.

Measuring results in the digital realm and instilling a culture based on analyses are fundamental factors for assertive decision making. These are the areas in which Adobe Analytics performs best.

Adobe Analytics is part of the widely popular Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions suite, which presents a unique measurement methodology. It is focused on understanding your customers on a more personal level, with valuable insights about what they want, need and believe.

The platform is available in three versions: Select, Prime and Ultimate. It also offers a variety of resources, some of which are described below:

  • Multi-Channel Data Collection: Allows for the collection and processing of data from different sources (web, email, campaigns and more), providing more thorough insights.
  • Offline Data Integration: Integrates data from any source – online or offline – as a dimension of aggregate analysis.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Segment building allows for the organisation of clusters to reach similar groups with more focused campaigns.
  • Advanced Calculated Metrics: This function allows you to build, manage and define metrics based on the unique characteristics of your business and add them to a personalised report.
  • Intelligent Alerts: Allows for the personalisation of alerts based on data anomalies.

In addition to all of these resources, Analysis Workspace, a tool to create personalised analysis projects, simplifies how users view, analyse and share data sets.

It has a simple interface based on a model that allows users to drag and drop dimensions, metrics, segments and other elements. Ad hoc searches can be performed quickly and seamlessly.

Users can also add features that make the platform even more advanced. These can include statistical models, predictive analyses and attribution resources.

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