Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a powerful way to reach and build relationships with consumers and potential customers. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram have loyal and qualified audiences, providing precious moments of interaction and relationship with people and brands, also enhancing the generation of leads and sales online and offline.

Understanding how brands should act in each social network is one of the main challenges of current communication, bearing in mind that the behaviour of the public varies according to the segment, the time of the brand, changes in the networks themselves, among others. Much more than a customer service channel, social networks play a key role in building and understanding the consumption and loyalty cycle of brands.

Therefore, it is essential to build a Social ID - a brand guide in social networks, based on analysis of scenarios and audiences, brand objectives and objectives of digital and offline channels. We also developed a content plan, taking into account the characteristics of each network and the issues to be worked on, a relationship and monitoring plan, with the definition of keywords to be monitored, specific and general analyses, objectives and targets. In addition, we mapped out key KPIs to measure engagement and performance results.


“Cadastra has been helping us greatly to optimize our social networking strategies. Here at FARM we are guided by the heart and our energy is more focused on the production of content than on the communication strategy itself. Cadastra brings the intelligence we need to ensure that our content, made with so much affection, happens to its full potential. We become a yin-yang system and the result of this complementary sum becomes better every day. It's a great learning experience together and doing it with 4 hands adds technique and heart."

Taciana Abreu
Head of Marketing at FARM Rio


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