Cadastra is a pioneer in SEO in Brazil, with 19 years of experience in site optimization projects. Our team of expert consultants will analyse your business, jointly defining objectives and focusing on results.

SEO is much more than meta tags, links, PageRank and content: SEO is a digital marketing channel.

Our goal is to deliver more and the best ROI.

We take into account the user experience from the moment the user performs a search until the need is met.

We understand SEO as Search Experience Optimization

We create best practices for optimizing the search experience and resolving the user's need between the search results page (SERP) and your site.


“Working with Cadastra's team is a great pleasure, they fulfil the role of bringing facilitating solutions to our daily lives with great efficiency. The team is very qualified and, just as important as that, it shows that it really likes what it does. We work together on two fronts, SEO and Paid Search, and I am very well attended on both. Throughout our years of partnership, the service has always maintained the same standard of quality, so I can recommend Cadastra without reservations"

Tulio Siqueira
Digital Marketing Coordinator at PROTESTE


Victor Magalhães
SEO, BI & IT Director

Since 2001 in the digital market, he has been working on SEO/BI performance projects for large and medium sized customers Know more

Gustavo Bacchin

With 20 years of experience in digital, 8 of which were in global projects (UK), he is one of the greatest SEO specialists in the world Know more

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