We offer in a pioneering and unprecedented way in the market the digital media consulting service, focusing on the areas of performance, programmatic and social ads, with the objective of collaborating with internal teams of brands, performing all kinds of analysis that identify opportunities and improvements in campaigns, such as Google Ads (Google AdWords), Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Affiliates, among other media and formats.

We bring technical and analytical notes with guidance of optimizations that must be performed, taking into account the best practices of each vehicle and format, and the expertise in performance held by the media Cadastra team.

We work independently or together with the internal teams of the brands, with the objective of improving performance and results, contributing to the achievement of the goals set in each area or division. In the media consulting service, Cadastra's team does not operate the campaigns, only in the media buying service and in the brands that we serve in scope as an agency.

We also perform the Media and BI Audit service, which aims to review and analyse the figures and main KPIs. In this case, click the link to find out more.


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