One of the greatest differentials of the Internet as a channel of communication, interaction and sales is that practically everything that is done and promoted is measurable. Therefore, measuring means understanding, and through this understanding it is possible to make corrections and optimizations in the investment and be more assertive in the strategies.

Digital Analytics is the set of three fronts:

With these fronts properly implemented and in operation, it is possible to understand who is the audience of the brands in the digital channels, how it behaves, analyse the navigation of users and thus perform optimizations in their campaigns and digital platforms.

Among the digital marketing solutions offered by Cadastra is the consultancy specialized in Digital Analytics, that is, in corporate Web Analytics tools such as Google Analytics (free version), Google Analytics 360 and Adobe Analytics.


Victor Magalhães
SEO, BI & IT Director
Since 2001 in the digital market, he has been working on SEO/BI performance projects for large and medium sized customers Know more

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