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Animale is a fashion brand aimed at women with high purchasing power. Member of the Soma group, it holds the status of reference in prêt-à-porter clothing focused on luxury and sophistication throughout the whole country, with more than 80 stores across 21 states, and a growing e-commerce operation. Animale needed to map the progression of users that were attracted by the top funnel campaigns (awareness and consideration), so they could measure the effect of those same campaigns in future conversions, and justify eventually increasing their funds. Thus, there was a need for an analysis/visualization that would bring, in a simple and tangible way, the impact generated by these campaigns. 

For this project, it was necessary to make configurations to measure user behavior during all contact points with the Animale brand. The first step was to define which key performance indicators (KPIs) would answer all the questions that the client had regarding the importance of awareness (AWS) and consideration (CON) campaigns within the conversion funnel. At this stage, the Data Engineering team, together with the Media team, defined the ideal taxonomy that would include all essential information for the campaigns operated by Cadastra.

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The biggest challenge was to identify, and group, specific information about each user of the website that was attracted by awareness and consideration campaigns.

Google Analytics standard reports were useful for part of the analysis but did not contemplate everything needed in a single vision. The Data Engineering team reshaped the entire data measurement process, and the Data Science team performed the data extraction via the Google Analytics API, the Data Strategy team started the data modeling process to generate the final bases that would be used in a matrix, which would contain the months of acquisition in the first column and the months of return in the following columns. The goal of this matrix was to visualize the progression of the public captured by the top of the funnel campaigns. That allowed us to identify how many returned in the following months and how this group behaved on the site over time.


The results proved that the captured public that returned to the site in the following months came to bring up to five times more revenue¹ than during the month of capture, for example. In addition, the share of users who returned to the site was considerably less than the total attracted and also more prone to purchase, which resulted in increases of up to 1572.7% in conversion rates².


These analyses, combined with the results Daily Tracker that was also built by Cadastra, contributed to the client's maturation, who gradually understood the importance of working in all stages of the sales funnel. This maturity was necessary so that both the total investment and the share of funds allocated to Awareness and Consideration campaigns could evolve throughout 2019.

more revenue
up in conversion rates

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