Case Rumo: forecasting deformations in rail track structures

Rumo Logística is the largest independent railway logistics operator in Brazil, spanning the country from North to South with nearly 14,000 km of tracks, connecting the main production regions with the country’s three major ports. Rumo is a logistics solutions company that moves Brazil and the world, far beyond the railway.

Our challenge was to create a technological solution capable of predicting the time and locations where there is a possibility of deformations in the rail structure.

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    Rumo Logística

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    Data Science, Data Engineering

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With the proposed challenge, we developed a pilot of a technological solution, an application – PowerBI (Scorecard and AI Modeling).

To solve the challenge, we created a pilot of an Artificial Intelligence solution capable of dividing and mapping railway sections that presented the probability of track deformations (buckling).

Fifteen rules were developed to identify the events that contribute to this type of problem in railways. Some of the main ones include temperature, rail type, ballast and fastener, date of last maintenance, season of last maintenance, among others.

Based on these rules and scores, we delivered a Power BI application capable of displaying the scorecard results, combined with an artificial intelligence model.

Project’s Architecture



With the solution proposed by our team, Rumo gained more autonomy and intelligence to anticipate the wear and tear of one of its main infrastructure assets - the railways. With this model, it was possible to reduce the response time of maintenance teams, as well as generate millions in savings compared to the time required to fix the problematic section.

in revenue by anticipating the wear and tear of the highways
wasted on response time by maintenance teams

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