Case Boticário: Centralization and unification of all company data.

The Boticário Group is a 100% Brazilian company in the beauty segment. The group manages several renowned companies in the country, such as O Boticário, Eudora, quem disse, berenice? and The Beauty Box. The company has 7,000 direct employees and 25,000 indirect employees, connected to 900 franchisees. It is present in 1,750 Brazilian municipalities and has over 3,800 stores in Brazil, in addition to exporting its products to eight other countries.

Our main challenge was to centralize and structure customer and supplier data from various sources into a single location. Centralizing this data would ensure more accurate and less complex analysis and decision-making for O Boticário.

  • Cliente

    Grupo Boticário

  • Indústria

  • Temáticas

    Data Science, Data Engineering

  • Operações Digitais


With the challenge presented, our team found the solution through the structuring of a Data Lakehouse.

The solution proposed by our team was the structuring of a Data Lakehouse, which combines concepts and techniques from both data warehouse and data lake.

The Data Lakehouse is a repository of company data accessible to users who need to query and analyze them. This type of project is based on three pillars: reliability, performance, and engineering.

For this project, governance control over data access was necessary, considering all guidelines of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) regarding sensitive information of the company and its customers.

The data went through a cleansing and qualification process through batch (scheduled) and stream (real-time) workloads. This allows for consistent, optimized, and user-friendly visualizations.

Project’s Architecture



With the Data Lakehouse, Grupo Boticário experienced a significant improvement in accessing their data, reducing the time to analyze results and make decisions based on reports. Additionally, with uncomplicated access to the data repository, there was a significant improvement in the overall understanding of the information, as all parties involved in an analysis could view the same information and develop new plans with more intelligence and accuracy.

in data collection time and report generation
in building new business plans

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